photoPaul Daniel Knopf is the Founder/Executive Director of “What in the World Are You Doing”. Mr.Knopf began the organization in 2003 with a vision to challenge individuals of all ages how together each of us can make an impact in our community, state, country and world. Mr. Knopf graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a BA in History and a MA in Education. He has been teaching since 1996 and started the first service learning program for the Pomona School District in 2007. He teaches part time at Cal Poly Pomona. Mr. Knopf also served in the United States Naval Reserves and was an officer in the United States Army Reserves. His passion is to challenge every individual to awaken their own gifts so together we can make a difference.






James Profile PicJames Marin is our Leader of Healthy Living. James graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Foods and Nutrition with an option in Dietetics. James is currently working on becoming a Registered Dietitian, having just completed an 11 month Dietetic Internship. James is a man of many passions that all seem to be joined by wellness and nutrition. He uses this concept to teach global themes that connect health and wellness to each individual in a community. It is this ability that has enabled him to be an effective leader, presenter, and consultant in the development of more efficient community nutrition education programs. It is with more sustainable, efficient, and holistic programs/approaches that James and WWD hope to change how people see the the world one person, community, and city at a time.





DuhliaDahlia Gerges Marin, Co-Leader of Healthy Living graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in 2012, completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Foods and Nutrition with an emphasis on Dietetics. She concluded her 10-month, 1208 hour Dietetic Internship also through Cal Poly Pomona, during which she gained a great appreciation for working with the Hispanic population, especially those with diabetes and renal issues. Dahlia is passionate about community nutrition and working hard to combat preventable diseases throughout Pomona and beyond by applying her love of clinical nutrition with her drive to help those in need. Dahlia enthusiastically utilizes her English, Spanish and Arabic language abilities to spread the message of health to as many people as possible. Alongside James and the rest of the Health Team, Dahlia seeks to spread positive messages of health and wellness and challenges participants with the question, “What in the World are You Doing to make yourself, your community and your world a healthier place to live?”




Shannon Bio ShotShannon Garcia  is a lover of the universe and all things that make it beautiful. They are a scribe and artist. They have a background in Sociology, Speech Communication, Educational counseling, art and performance art. They have been a part of several communities and projects including College Unions Poetry Slam, University of La Verne Art Collective, Project Safe Zone, Migrant Education Summer Institute, and others throughout Pomona, La Verne, and the Inland Empire. Shannon believes in the power of shared knowledge and creativity and hopes to keep loving and keep fighting as long as their heart is pumping.