Environmental Awareness Service-Learning Project

Environmental Awareness Service-Learning Project

Summary:  The Seal of Service program gives individuals of all ages an opportunity to develop their own service learning project of their choice. Individuals are guided through a process where they complete different steps to ensure that the project is carried out to fulfillment.  Upon successful completion of these requirements, individuals will be formally recognized with the “Seal of Service” award at a public school board meeting, city council meeting, and/or other designated function to honor their achievements.


Purpose: To formally recognize active participants of “Impact Earth” in the area of service learning.


Service Learning Steps


1.  Write  us at service@impactearth.org and tell us about your interest and then receive an application

2. Complete the preparation questions and get approval from one of our program leaders

3. Implement the Service Learning project

4. Demonstrate the Service Learning project at a public function

5. Write a two page essay on your service learning experience

6. Schedule an Interview by writing service@impactearth.org

7. Awards Ceremony


For more information email service@impactearth.org